This is How Many Protens You Need to Claim Krishah (and Get a Free One!)

Chris Albrecht
June 16, 2023

Last week, we announced when you’ll be able to get to your own Krishah Hero, and even provided a handy little FAQ about the claim. If you’ve forgotten or just don’t want to click on a link, here’s quick refresher on the dates you can acquire a Krishah:

There are three opportunities to claim a Krishah Genesis Hero:

  • June 19 – Proten Power! Anyone who has accrued enough Protens can claim one or multiple Krishahs. Protens redemption will last until supply runs out. 
  • June 26 – Pinnacle Auction: Ten of the eleven Pinnacles will go up for auction on Magic Eden. The auction will last 48 hours. Pinnacles will be minted to Ethereum and paid for with ETH.
  • June 30 – Krishah Legendary, Epic and Rare Packs Sale: Legendary, Epic and Rare versions of Krishah can be purchased on Magic Eden. Rarity of Hero claimed will be random. Krishahs can be purchased in packs of three* (exact prices to be announced soon). These Krishahs are minted to Polygon and paid for with MATIC (exact price to be announced). The sale will last 48 hours or until supply runs out, whichever comes first. 

At the time of claim, you will receive verification of your claim. All Krishahs will be airdropped starting July 8, with rarity and style revealed at that time. 

But today, we’re focusing on the Protens option, because, well, that’s happening in a few days, and that’s how you get a free Krishah! 

On Monday at noon U.S. Mountain Time, visit to claim your Krishah!

Before you do that, however, you must make sure you have earned your Protens. Protens are like Unioverse loyalty points that you accrue by owning and holding Unioverse Collectibles and/or playing the Proving Grounds alpha. You must manually earn your Protens by visiting, logging into your account and clicking the “Earn” button. Your Protens count will be automatically tallied and displayed for you.

OK. Great, but now the real question – how many Protens do you need to get a Krishah?

That depends on how many Krishahs you want! Here’s the breakdown: 

1 Krishah for 333 Protens

2 Krishahs for 999 Protens 

5 Krishahs for 5,000 Protens

10 Krishahs for 20,000 Protens

20 Krishahs for 100,000 Protens

50 Krishahs for 350,000 Protens 

But wait! There’s more! Some quick reminders as you get set to snag your Krishah: 

  1. There is NO GAS FEE if you are redeeming Protens to get a Krishah
  2. You get a FREE COMMON KRISHAH HERO for every Krishah you claim
  3. If claiming with Protens, there will be 1 Pinnacle, 40 Legendary, 130 Epic, 260 Rare, and 5,600 Uncommons available through this specific event. Rarities claimed will be random.

If you have any other questions, hit up our mods on our Discord. If you’re ready, steady then let’s go! We’ll see you on Monday!

*NOTE: To improve and streamline the claim workflow, we are no longer offering the single Krishah purchase option.

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