Everything You Need to Know about Our Upcoming Krishah Genesis Hero Claim

Chris Albrecht
June 9, 2023

Krishah, the second Unioverse Hero, will be released in just a couple of weeks! After selling out Reyu Genesis, our first Unioverse Hero, back in January – we are thrilled to not only release a new character, but also give more people with a chance to be part of and play in the Unioverse. 

For those new to the Unioverse, Krishah is the deadly top assassin for the Ascended, a pious religious cult aimed at bringing down the Merge authority. If you’re reading our Unioverse comic series, you know that Reyu and Krishah have crossed paths. You can delve into her story in the Krishah comic book!

For those just eager to add to your Unioverse collection or play Unioverse games with the amazing-looking Krishah, here’s what you need to know:

When can I get a Krishah?

There are three opportunities to claim a Krishah Genesis Hero:

  • June 19 – Proten Power! Anyone who has accrued enough Protens (exact count to be announced closer to release) can claim one or multiple Krishahs. Protens redemption will last until supply runs out. 
  • June 26 – Pinnacle Auction: Ten of the eleven Pinnacles will go up for auction on Magic Eden. The auction will last 48 hours. Pinnacles will be minted to Ethereum and paid for with ETH.
  • June 30 – Krishah Legendary, Epic and Rare Packs Sale: Legendary, Epic and Rare versions of Krishah can be purchased on Magic Eden. Rarity of Hero claimed will be random. Krishahs will be sold in packs of three* (exact prices to be announced soon). These Krishahs are minted to Polygon and paid for with MATIC (exact price to be announced). The sale will last 48 hours or until supply runs out, whichever comes first. 

If redeeming Protens for Krishah, no gas fee and FREE Commons!

After hearing from the Community about our Reyu Genesis mint in January, we are making some adjustments to sweeten our Protens offer. If you redeem Protens to get a Krishah, there will be NO GAS FEES and your claim will result in an Uncommon Krishah or rarer (see rarity distribution below). As a BONUS; you get a FREE Common Krishah for every Krishah you claim!

Where do I claim my Krishah?

On Monday, June 19th at noon US MT, visit redeem.unioverse.com to claim your Krishah!

How do I earn Protens?

You earn Protens by owning and holding Unioverse Collectibles, and/or by playing the Proving Grounds. So if you’ve got Reyu Hero, there’s still time to rack up more Protens!

That’s the ticket!

When you claim your Krishah on Magic Eden – you will first receive a ticket that shows proof of your claim. 

When you claim your Krishah using Protens on the Unioverse site, you will see that your claim was processed with a checkmark next to the option you selected. 

Airdropping of ALL Krishahs begins on July 8. All Krishahs claimed will be distributed to wallets, with rarity and style revealed at that time. 

How many Krishah NFTs are available? 

There will only ever be 20,000 Krishah Genesis NFTs made available. 

Will I get my Hero immediately?

No. All Heroes will be airdropped beginning July 8. Rarity and specific styles will be revealed at that time.

What rarity will I get?

That depends on how you claim your Krishah. 

  • Winning bids at the Pinnacle auction guarantees a Pinnacle Krishah
  • Purchases during the Legendary, Epic and Rare sale on Magic Eden guarantee you a Legendary, Epic or Rare Hero. There will be 379 Legendary, 1,157 Epic, 2,313 Rare. No matter how many you purchase, rarity results will be random. 
  • If claiming with Protens, there will be 1 Pinnacle, 40 Legendary, 130 Epic, 260 Rare, and 5,600 Uncommons available through this specific event. Rarities claimed will be random. Additionally, each Krishah you claim with Protens will come with an additional free Common Krishah.

No matter how you claim your Krishah, all rarities and skins will be revealed beginning July 8 during a special event. 

What chains are Heroes minted to? 

Common through Legendary Krishahs will be minted on Polygon. Pinnacle Krishahs will be minted on Ethereum.

*NOTE: To improve and streamline the claim workflow, we are no longer offering the single Krishah purchase option.

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