Sign Up to Get a Proten Pack and a Free Playable Hero Clone

Chris Albrecht
April 13, 2023

Everyone could use a little boost now and then. A little nudge to get you going in the right direction. This is why we are thrilled to announce today that we are giving a little boost, a little nudge to Unioverse fans. Basically, anyone who creates – or already has! – a Unioverse account by April 26, 2023 will get a Proten Pack and a free Reyu Clone that gives you access to forthcoming Unioverse games! 

Proten Packs

The Proten Pack is a one-time bonus that immediately adds 333 Protens to new and existing Unioverse accounts. Protens are like loyalty points, you accrue them by collecting our free Unioverse Collectible NFTs. The more Collectibles you have and the longer you hold them, the more Protens you earn. Earn enough Protens and you can redeem them for digital rewards like Unioverse Hero NFTs, which can be used to play all the forthcoming Unioverse games. Read the full Proten FAQ for more.

If you’re creating a new Unioverse account (welcome!), you’ll receive instructions on getting your Protens bonus during the signup process. If you’re an existing account holder, visit the Protens Calculator page and follow the instructions. 

Send in the (Reyu) Clones

In addition to the Proten Pack, anyone who has an existing Unioverse account or creates a new one by April 26, 2023 will get one free playable Reyu Hero Clone! 

Reyu Clones are similar to our Reyu Genesis Hero NFTs in that Clones are full 3D characters that let you access and play Unioverse games. However! 

  • Clones are minted on Polygon, not Ethereum (where Reyu Genesis minted)
  • There is no supply limit to the number of Clones that will be made
  • Clones are not visually unique and all look the same
  • Clones will not have the Genesis tag and all Clones share the exact same metadata 

Clones are great for two reasons. First, they allow anyone to try out early builds of our gameplay environments and will be playable when full games come out. Second, If you already have a Reyu Genesis, you can easily transfer this clone to a friend to expand the Unioverse! Transferring NFTs on Polygon is almost free! 

Play the Proving Grounds

All registered Unioverse account holders will get their Reyu Clone airdropped on April 26th – the same day that our alpha version of the Proving Grounds (formerly the Danger Room) launches! 

If you have a Unioverse account and a Reyu Genesis or a Reyu Clone, you’ll have exclusive access to The Proving Grounds! The Proving Grounds is our playable alpha game environment (PC only)  where you can run, jump and shoot your way through a course, showing how amazing Unioverse Heroes really are. It’s an early build, but we’ll be adding features to it over the course of the year. 

So what are you waiting for? If you have a Unioverse account, go visit and follow the instructions to get your Protens bonus. If you’re creating a new account, go here and create an account! Have a friend who’s been waiting to jump into the Unioverse? Tell them to sign up and get theirs!

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