Go Grab a Reyu Genesis on OpenSea

Chris Albrecht
January 17, 2023

We had a blast during our first Unioverse Hero Claim event this past weekend. More than 20,000 Reyu Genesis NFTs were claimed (the first 2,000 were taken in under two minutes during the open claim!).

But maybe you missed out on the Reyu Genesis claim. Maybe you just learned about our Collectibles game in the last couple of weeks and didn’t have a chance to earn enough Protens. That’s okay! The Unioverse is just getting started and there are plenty of ways going forward for you to get your own Unioverse Hero NFT.

Why do you want a Unioverse Hero NFT? First off, they are awesome. I mean, just look at them. Each Hero is a unique AAA-quality, fully-rendered 3D character.

But the bigger reason is that Unioverse Hero NFTs grant you access to Unioverse games! Own a Unioverse Hero and you can play Unioverse games. How your Hero NFT looks is how your character will look while playing these games.

So now you know how great Unioverse Heroes are, but you missed the mint. What can you do?

Option 1 – Go to OpenSea

Because these Heroes are NFTs, if you own one you can do what you like with it. Keep ’em. Collect ’em. Or sell them on the open market. In this case, Reyu Genesis Heroes are now available on OpenSea. Dip your toe in and purchase a Common, or go all-in and pay for a Pinnacle. No matter what rarity Hero you get, they all have the same power-set, so there’s no pay-to-win nonsense.

You can purchase a Reyu Genesis by visiting any of these links:

REMINDER: Only buy Unioverse Hero NFTs through legitimate Unioverse sources. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for official Unioverse news and information.

Option 2 – Start Playing the Unioverse Collectibles Game

This option gets you ready for our next Unioverse Hero NFT release. We said that our next Hero release will be Krishah, and you can prepare by playing our Unioverse Collectibles game.

We release Unioverse Collectibles on a regular basis. These free NFTs have some concept art as well as a little bit of lore from the story of the Unioverse. Owning and holding these Collectibles earns you Protens. Earn enough Protens and you can claim the next Unioverse Hero (supply is limited).

This blog post and this FAQ explain how the process worked for Reyu Genesis. Long story short, to play the Collectibles game, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to learn about future Collectible drops, then once you have Collectible NFTs, be sure to collect your Protens on a regular basis to see how many you have.

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