Proving Grounds, Our First Playable Alpha is Live!

Chris Albrecht
April 26, 2023

It’s finally here! Proving Grounds, your first chance to play in the Unioverse launches today!

Here’s what you need to know:

First, Proving Grounds is a mode within our Unioverse Hero Viewer and is only available for PC. The Unioverse Hero Viewer lets you peruse the entire catalog of 20,000 Reyu NFTs, including the much-vaunted Pinnacle Collection. The Viewer also lets you look at the Unioverse Heroes that you own, spinning, tilting and zooming in to see all the intricate detail and work we put into these AAA-quality characters.

After looking at your Unioverse Hero (even a Clone!), you can drop it into the Proving Grounds to see how it looks running, jumping and blasting your way through this multi-level, danger-filled obstacle course.

Finally, as you have fun wall-running and shooting down drones, it’s important to remember that Proving Grounds is an alpha gameplay environment. It’s not anything close to a final game, nor is it indicative of what a final Unioverse game will actually be. Proving Grounds is really meant to deliver utility and reward the earliest Unioverse believers by letting them put their NFT Heroes to use.

Want in on all this Proving Grounds sweetness? Of course you do. You’ll need a PC, a Unioverse Hero and a Unioverse account. Unioverse accounts are free and you can sign up here. If you missed out on our free Reyu Clone giveaway, you can still buy a Hero over at OpenSea, or for a limited time, we’re still giving away Reyus for completing challenges.

Once you have all those things, go play the Proving Grounds! Then join our Discord and let us know what you think!

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