Crush our New Collectibles Game and Meet Our New Hero, Krishah

Chris Albrecht
March 15, 2023

After teasing the news for a couple months now, we are finally ready to announce our next Unioverse Hero NFT and how you can get one. 

Krishah, the deadly assassin, will be the next Unioverse Hero NFT released, and she’ll be minting sometime in May. Krishah won’t just be an amazing looking, fully realized 3D NFT. Owning a Hero like Krishah or Reyu gives you access to Unioverse games! We’ll be doling out more details about the official mint date and about Krishah in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.  

Just like with our first Hero mint, Reyu, you’ll be able to get your own Krishah by earning Protens. And – just in case you forgot – you earn Protens by playing our Unioverse Collectibles game!

More than 900,000 Collectibles were minted during the first season of our Collectibles game. And now we’re back with Series 2. As always, these new Unioverse Collectibles will contain eye-popping artwork and snippets of lore from the story of the Unioverse. They are also totally free to mint. 

The first of our next Series of Collectibles drops at 11am MT this Friday, March 17th! We are hosting a Twitter Spaces this Friday to kick off the next series of Collectibles, provide more info and answer questions from the Community, so be sure to set a reminder for that!

As a refresher: When you own and hold Unioverse Collectibles, you earn Protens, which are like Unioverse loyalty points. The more Collectibles you have and the longer you hold them, the more Protens you earn. Earn enough Protens and you could mint a Krishah of your own. 

But there are a couple of other important bits in this process. First, you need to actually go collect your Protens by visiting Once there, just log in and click the Earn button. Our system automatically tabulates your Protens count and updates your total, so be sure to check back regularly.

The second bit is that our Collectibles are numbered. When you Collect designated consecutive Collectibles (e.g. 1 – 4), you have what’s called a set. Sets can be combined into higher-tier Collectibles that earn you even more Protens (but you still need to visit to actually get them!). To combine Collectibles, visit, sign in and follow the instructions. We’ll show you which Collectibles you have and if you are missing any (perfect collections get a bonus!).

Collectible NFTs are a fun and free way to learn more about the Unioverse and unlock digital perks (like Krishah!). Collectible drops happen regularly, but randomly, so you’ll want to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to learn when we release them.  

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