Quickstart: How to Begin with Unioverse Collectibles

Chris Albrecht
January 23, 2023

Unioverse Collectibles are a fantastic way to start with the Unioverse. We’ve been giving away these free NFTs to our community for a few months now. If you’re new to the Unioverse, it’s not too late to start collecting them! Here’s a quick explainer on how to get started!

What are Unioverse Collectibles?

Unioverse Collectibles are free NFTs that contain Unioverse concept art and story lore. These Collectibles are handed out on a regular basis. You can see released Collectibles on OpenSea.

Why would I want Unioverse Collectibles? 

You want them because owning and holding Unioverse Collectibles earns you Protens. Protens are like loyalty points. Earn enough Protens and you redeem them for digital rewards such as Unioverse Hero NFTs, which are what you need to access future Unioverse videogames. 

What are Protens?

In the story of the Unioverse, Protens are the energy source that powers the alien technology. In the world of Unioverse NFTs, Protens are what you earn by owning and holding Unioverse Collectible NFTs.

What are Unioverse Hero NFTs?

Hero NFTs are AAA-quality, 3D characters from the story of the Unioverse. You need to own a Unioverse Hero to access forthcoming Unioverse games. Check out minted Hero NFTs on OpenSea.

Where do I get Unioverse Collectibles? 

There are two ways to get them. 

  1. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord. That’s where we announce Collectible drops. 
  2. You can purchase them on OpenSea (just make sure you refresh the metadata before purchase to ensure the Collectible is still charged)

What is Forging? 

The Unioverse Collectibles we hand out are “Tier 1.” If you collect perfect sets of Tier 1 Collectibles, you can Forge them into a Tier 2 Collectible. Tier 2 Collectibles earn more Protens than Tier 1. Collect a perfect set of Tier 2 Collectibles, they can be Forged into a Tier 3 Collectible, which earns even more Protens. Find out more on the Collectibles Combine site (registration required).

Quick note: Collectibles can only be Forged once. As soon as they are Forged, they lose their charge. So if you are purchasing a Collectible on OpenSea, be sure to refresh its metadata to ensure that it still has a charge. 

What do I need to start collecting? 

You must set up a Unioverse account and connect a MetaMask digital wallet.

Can I do this on my mobile device? 

No. Setting up a Unioverse account, minting Unioverse Collectibles and earning Protens must be done on a desktop/laptop. 

Can I combine Proten counts from multiple wallets in my Unioverse account?

Each wallet represents its own Proten count calculation. You can (and should) collect from each of the wallets to one Unioverse account, then transfer them all into a single wallet for simplicity.

How many Protens do I need to get a Hero?

The Protens requirement changes for each Hero. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to be among the first to learn when Hero prices are announced. 

Where can I see how many Protens I have?

While you earn Protens just for holding Collectibles, you must earn them by visiting Protens.unioverse.com. Once there, click the Earn button to calculate your Proten count. 

When will Unioverse games come out?

We’ll have more to announce about this later this year. 

I have a question not listed here, where should I go? 

The best bet is to join our Discord and contact one of our mods. 

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