Create a Planet and Carve Your Name Into the Unioverse

Chris Albrecht

If you’ve been following our Worldbuilding Secrets podcast (you have been following our Worldbuilding Secrets podcast, right?), then you’ve enjoyed a masterclass in storytelling and, as the name suggests, worldbuilding. 

Now we want you to help us build a world. That’s right, there’s a new planet in the Unioverse, and we want you to tell us all about it. Here’s how it works and how you can get involved.


If you’ve been reading our Unioverse Origins story drops (you have been reading our Unioverse Origins story drops, right?), then you know that in the latest issue (#7) Malcolm Orion jumped to a strange new planet. Five hundred years after that initial discovery, the inhabitants of that planet now want to join the Merge. 

That’s where you come in, because the Unioverse is a community-owned franchise and now we really want the Community to participate!

New World Genesis Program

Each week for the next four weeks, we’ll give you two creative prompts asking for your input in what we are calling The New World Genesis Program. These will range from the simple, like naming the planet, to the more complex, like mapping its star system and describing the societal structures of its inhabitants. 

We really want you to put some thought into your answers because they will be read by our co-founders Tony Harman and Wyeth Ridgway, and our narrative team of Brent Friedman, Andy Baker and Josh Viola. They’ll go over all the submissions and narrow it down to the top contenders. 

Finalists will be posted to Discord where the Community will get the final vote on each prompt. And trust us, having your submission picked is more than just a feather in your cap…

Credit Where Credit is Due (and Signed Art, Too!)

The winning entries as voted by the Community will have their work entered into the official Unioverse Wiki with accompanying credit. That means your work and name will live on as long as the Unioverse exists! Talk about bragging rights… 

But wait! There’s more! Winners will also get a cool print of the planet you helped create signed by Stuart Jennett, the Unioverse’s lead artist! How cool is that?!

Next Steps

OK. So you’re all set, what do you do now?

First thing to do is get caught up on the Unioverse story. So check out the Unioverse Story Wiki and read all the Unioverse Origin chapters.

Then join our Discord, if you haven’t already. That’s where voting will occur, and it will give you a chance to connect with other creatives and see what else has been submitted. (Plus, you can’t vote if you’re not on our Discord!)

Once you’ve done that, here’s a schedule for the first prompt: 

  • Monday 02/20 – New World Genesis Program Goes live – 12 PM EST
  • Thursday 02/24 – Submissions Close – 3 PM EST
  • Friday 02/25 – Top 10/15 announced and Voting Opens – 3 PM EST
  • Saturday 02/26 – Voting Closes at 8 pm EST
  • Sunday 02/27 – Winner announced and Wiki goes live 3 PM EST

You can find the official New World Genesis program submission form here.

So join Discord, mark your calendar, and help make the Unioverse even more amazing!

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