Dive Into the Origins of the Unioverse

Chris Albrecht
December 13, 2022

Fun Unioverse Fact: We have a team of more than 25 world-class writers, artists and storytellers helping us craft the narrative world of the Unioverse! This franchise is shaping up to be truly epic and massive and awesome and… Well, instead of my telling you about it, you should just experience it firsthand.

For the past couple of months, over on our Discord, we’ve been dropping special Unioverse Issues that tell the origin of the Unioverse. Each issue is like a chapter, telling the story of Malcolm Orion, the first human to use the alien jump pods discovered on Mars. We follow his adventure as his consciousness is instantly transported across the universe to a massive space station where he encounters unfathomable alien technology and tries to understand the wonders — and dangers — it presents.

These issues are free to download so go enjoy them now. Then bookmark this page for future issue drops!

Unioverse Origin Issue #1 – Malcolm Orion

Unioverse Origin Issue #2 – The Chair

Unioverse Origin Issue #3 – The Jump

Unioverse Origin Issue #4 – The Hub

Unioverse Origin Issue #5 – The Map

Unioverse Origin Issue #6 – The Warrior

Unioverse Origin Issue #7 – The Traveler

Unioverse Origin Issue #8 – The Herald

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