Test Your Skills in Our Proving Grounds, Launching April 26th!

Chris Albrecht
March 31, 2023

More than anything here at the Unioverse, we want to be useful. That’s why we’re a community-owned franchise that hands over all of our assets for free. That’s why we’re building a massive videogame ecosystem. And that is why we prioritizing the utility of our Unioverse Hero NFTs. 

Today we are announcing the next level of Unioverse NFT utility with the upcoming launch of our playable alpha Proving Grounds (formerly codenamed the Danger Room) on April 26th. 

At the risk of being immodest, Unioverse Hero NFTs are awesome. Perhaps the most gorgeous NFTs in gaming if not the entire web3 space. But what good is a good-looking NFT if you can’t do anything with it other than post it next to your name? 

Built as a mode in our Unioverse Viewer, the Proving Grounds lets you play your Reyu Hero NFT in an actual game environment. Drop the same Reyu you have in your wallet into the Proving Grounds and jump, shoot and wall-run your way through the course. 

A few important things to note!

  1. While the Proving Grounds is a lot of fun – it is a very early, very alpha build of a playable game environment. It is not a full game, but will demonstrate some of the things your heroes can do in Unioverse games.
  2. You will need a registered Unioverse account in order to play. Everyone who signs up for a Unioverse account before April 26th will be able to play the Proving Grounds – so go create your free Unioverse account right now. 
  3. You will need to download the Unioverse Viewer (PC only) to access the Proving Grounds. While you’re in the Viewer, you can check out all of the amazing versions of Reyu in the Genesis Collection! Go download the Unioverse Viewer

While this version of the Proving Grounds is alpha, we’ll be making tweaks and adding features to it over the coming year, so trust us when we say you should get in there now to hone your skills…

As always, thank you for your continued support and get ready, this is just the beginning. 

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