“Reyu,” The First Unioverse Comic Book, Launches May 9!

Chris Albrecht

To borrow from Stan “the Man” Lee – Excelsior! – The first Unioverse comic book debuts next week on May 9!

The first issue delves into the backstory of Reyu, the deadly Ja’Din Hunter who was trapped in Jumpspace for millennia and is now a fierce protector of the Mass-O system and Creator Tech. This taut action-packed story follows Reyu as he tracks down and battles threats from the intergalactic terrorist organization known as the Ascended.

“Reyu” is the first in a six-issue monthly limited series, with subsequent stories focusing on other Unioverse Heroes like Krishah, Tor Gret, and Annill, as well as the Unioverse’s first villain: Silas Kyruk. Digital versions of these comics will be available for sale at Comixology. Print versions of the comic (including limited edition Legendary versions with variant covers!) can be purchased for $5.00 at Hex Publishers.

This initial Unioverse comic is written by Colorado Book Award winner Joshua Viola and Angie Hodapp, Director of Literary Development at Nelson Literary Agency, and illustrated by Ben Matsuya.

The Unioverse will be told across a variety of media like comic books, videogames, novels and more, and we couldn’t be more excited about the launch of “Reyu.” While this is the first Unioverse comic book series, we hope it inspires many more! 

The Unioverse is a “community-owned franchise,” which means that anyone can download our high-quality assets royalty-free and use our IP to create their own stories. Have an idea for your own Unioverse comic? Awesome, you should go make it, and join our Discord to find other fans and potential collaborators. Even better, once you make it – you should sell it and keep all the money! As long as it fits within our guidelines (which are amazingly broad, TBH), you can make what you like!

We want to make the Unioverse an expansive franchise that not only rivals Marvel, but empowers its fans in ways Marvel currently does not. Hang on to your hats, true believers (another Stan Lee-ism), the Unioverse is taking off!

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