Planet Ceiba Officially Accepted into the Merge and the Unioverse

Chris Albrecht

I feel like I should be one of those old-timey town criers when I announce this, so with that in mind – here we go: 

Hear ye, hear ye! The planet known as Cieba has henceforth been officially accepted into The Merge!

What makes the planet Ceiba so special is that it was created by the Unioverse Community. We mean it when we say the Unioverse is a community-owned franchise! We want you to feel like you are building this massive story with us, and we’ll give you the tools and opportunities to help unleash your creativity. 

Ceiba was the product of our New World Genesis Program. Over the course of two months, we provided creative prompts as starting points for the Community. We asked you to name this new planet, describe its geological and biological features, its place in the star system, its primary species, etc. 

We got submissions from around the world creating details about and giving structure to the planet Ceiba. Three winners, Stagmattic, Ourflower and Luke emerged from the Unioverse Community with ideas that really stood out. All three presented their ideas and our panel of judges (aka “The Security Council”) and voila! The planet Ceiba is now fully formed and accepted into The Merge. 

As Andy Baker, one of the Unioverse narrative leads put it, “Ceiba has much to offer The Merge — the potential uses of the Proten-infused flora and fauna are limitless. And Merge scientists will accelerate Ceiban tech development. Great collaboration of our three winners to pull their entries together!”

You can read all about the planet Ceiba at the Unioverse Story Wiki, and check out this gorgeous concept art created by our very own Stuart Jennett!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first New World Genesis Program. If you missed out, fear not! There will be another round, so join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to be among the first to learn all the details when that program is announced!

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