Multi-genre Artist and Producer Celldweller to Bring His Unique Sound to the Unioverse

Chris Albrecht
December 22, 2022

Celldweller, a multi-genre artist and producer who creates a fusion of digital and organic elements, is bringing his music to the aural landscape of the Unioverse. 

Celldweller’s song, “Identities,” is now featured as the soundtrack in the Unioverse Viewer, a downloadable application that allows people to view Unioverse Hero NFTs up close. In addition to “Identities,” Celldweller will be contributing other songs and custom content for use in future Unioverse applications.  

Blending elements of drum & bass, electro, metal and orchestral flourishes, Celldweller’s music defies boundaries and traditional classification. Celldweller’s pioneering hybrid music has provided the sonic landscape for hundreds of major film, TV and videogame titles. 

“Our breakthrough fully-rendered, AAA-quality Hero NFTs required a soundtrack that defies convention,” said Tony Harman, Co-Founder and CEO of Random Games. “Layering in Celldweller’s genre-bending music enhances the immersive experience of the Unioverse Viewer, creating an exciting new way to dive into the futuristic world we are creating.”

“I’ve always been drawn towards non-traditional approaches to music and entertainment,” said Klayton (Celldweller). “As a result, I’m excited to be involved in the Unioverse with its unique brand of storytelling and world building.”

Those interested in listening to Celldweller’s music can download the Unioverse Viewer right now (PC only), or check him out on Spotify.

Celldweller (Klayton)

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