Krishah Pinnacle Auction Happens on June 26 on Magic Eden!

Chris Albrecht
June 23, 2023

It’s one thing to play a videogame. It’s quite another to play a videogame looking like the ultimate bad-ass sporting one of the rarest character styles in all of gaming while vanquishing your enemies.

I’m talking about Unioverse Pinnacle Heroes. Out of the 20,000 Krishah Genesis Heroes that will ever exist – only 11 will be Pinnacles. And you get your chance to own one during our Krishah Pinnacle auction on Monday, June 26 at noon US MT, only on Magic Eden. Ten Pinnacles will be made available at this auction, which you can preview on Magic Eden right now.

All Unioverse Heroes are AAA-quality, game-ready characters that you actually play in Unioverse games. See for yourself how awesome Krishah looks sprinting, jumping and blasting her way through our Proving Grounds alpha in this video:

But the Pinnacles? Well, Pinnacles are the most special, hand-crafted styles of Unioverse Heroes, and ten of them will be up for grabs during Monday’s auction. Pinnacles are minted to Ethereum and paid for with ETH. Check out the Krishah Pinnacle preview page live now on Magic Eden for more details.

Want to know more about how Unioverse Hero rarity works? This brief explainer video walks you through the process.

If you do bid on your own Krishah Pinnacle, just a reminder that winning bids will initially receive a Unioverse ticket that verifies your purchase. This ticket may be traded up until midnight UTC Jul 7, 2023. All rarity and styles will be revealed starting on July 8 when the airdropping of all Krishahs begins.

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