I Invested in the Unioverse Because With These Games, Everyone Wins

Dave Jones
September 19, 2022

It’s easy to get romantic about making a videogame from scratch… until that first blank screen stares back at you. That’s when you begin to realize all the things you have to create. and revise. and create again. and throw out.

And that’s before you even get to building the actual game.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some fond memories of the arduous process of creating games like Lemmings, GTA and Crackdown. But what if there was a way to get a running start and skip over that initial blank screen? To dive right into game development? What if there was a better way to make games that benefitted players too?

That’s the idea behind the Unioverse, an entirely new concept in videogame development and participation. Sure, the Unioverse will be a series of world-class videogames, comic books, novels and more. But the real power lies in the Unioverse as a community-owned franchise and its innovative use of blockchain.

The Unioverse community will have access to the same AAA-quality assets used in Unioverse games. Art, character models, music, etc., can be downloaded by anyone, royalty-free. Armed with Unioverse assets, the community is free to make their own comics, games and more and even sell those creations (also royalty-free!).

That’s an exciting new way to think about who gets to make games, whose stories are told and who truly benefits. And that is why I invested in the Unioverse and why you will love it.

Get Into the Game

For game developers, time is money. Well, money is money too, and developers can save a ton of both by using the royalty-free Unioverse assets. These tools are being made by a team of industry veterans who have helped make blockbuster videogame franchises like Crackdown and All Points Bulletin. So they know what they’re doing and know what developers need to succeed.

Using these building blocks, game developers of any size can dive into building a fantastic game. Smaller or even single-person shops won’t have to settle for sub-par art or spend loads of money on outside contractors. On the other end, bigger development studios will have a low-cost path to experiment and create a variety of games.

Even better, developers can make whatever kind of Unioverse game they want: FPS, strategy, deck-building – it’s up to them. And if developers choose to sell their Unioverse games – they keep all the money.

When more developers can get into the games business and focus on building rather than budgets – everyone wins because there is more diversity and better games.

But this isn’t just about developers.

More Utility for You

You wouldn’t buy a set of golf clubs that you could only use on one course and never sell when you upgraded, would you? Of course not! And soon, digital goods in games will be much the same, offering actual ownership, thanks to blockchain. 

Blockchain and NFTs are polarizing topics, to say the least, in videogames. But strip away the baggage of those terms, and you realize that digital ownership is fundamentally a solid proposition,  and will eventually benefit both gamers and developers. 

People used to spend sixty dollars on one game every few months. But today, players can spend thousands of dollars on a game when you include content like DLC, skins, sprays, emotes and other add-ons. That’s real money, and all of it vanishes when someone stops playing the game, or the developer decides to shut that game down.

When digital goods are player owned, however, they can live outside the game if they are on the blockchain. This means owners are free to do with them as they wish. Keep, collect or sell their digital gaming assets; that’s entirely up to the owner. And if they do want to sell, there are plenty of marketplaces that make it easy.

Additionally, unlike current in-game goods, blockchain assets can be engineered to move between games. Your Unioverse NFTs, for example, will work across different Unioverse games. That type of freedom has never been available in videogames before.

And that, perhaps, is the most exciting part of the Unioverse – it’s never been done before! Who knows where developers and the community will take it. Instead of a blank screen, we’re all looking at a pretty brilliant future for games.

You can be a part of the Unioverse from the very beginning! Head over to our Discord channel to get early access to Unioverse news and direct connections with the team behind it.

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