How to Mint Reyu Genesis Heroes

Chris Albrecht
January 4, 2023

We here at Unioverse HQ are so excited because Reyu Genesis, our first Unioverse Hero NFT is minting on Jan 15!

To get you ready, here’s everything you need to know about Reyu Genesis and the minting process:

What is a Unioverse Hero NFT?

Unioverse Hero NFTs are fully-rendered, 3D, AAA-quality game-ready digital assets. Not only are these NFTs gorgeous to look at, the Hero you own is how your character will look in the games. Most important, though, is that our Hero NFTs have tons of utility because owning a Hero NFT grants you access to Unioverse games.

What is Reyu Genesis?

In the story of the Unioverse Reyu is a bad-ass Ja’Din hunter, and he is also the first Unioverse Hero NFT we’re launching. The Reyu Genesis collection will have 20,000 unique Reyus NFTs across all rarities.

Cool. How do I get a Reyu Genesis?

To get a Reyu Genesis NFT, you’ll need to either be whitelisted or have enough Protens. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ll see that we’ve been doing a number of whitelist giveaways with other cool NFT projects and guilds. If you haven’t been able to score a whitelist, you’ll need Protens.

We’ve covered earning Protens here before, so we won’t go into too much detail in this post. But the TL;DR version is:

  • To earn Protens you need to own and hold Unioverse Collectible NFTs
  • We’ve been giving away Unioverse Collectible NFTs over the past couple of months
  • The more Collectibles you own and the longer you hold them, the more Protens you earn
  • Rack up enough Protens (check your Proten count with our Proten Calculator) and you can earn rewards like the ability to purchase a Reyu Genesis Hero NFT

On January 10, we will announce how many Protens you need in order to obtain a Reyu Genesis

If you are brand new and haven’t been collecting Unioverse Collectibles / Protens — no worries! There will be more opportunities to redeem Protens throughout this year and beyond!

I’m on a whitelist, what do I do?

Congrats! Now:

  • Set up a Unioverse account here, if you haven’t done so already
  • Connect an Ethereum digital wallet to your Unioverse account (desktop only, not mobile)
  • You’ll need .003 ETH in your wallet for each Reyu transaction to cover the gas fees

Once all that is done:

  • On January 12, at 5:00 p.m. UTC visit (DESKTOP ONLY, NOT MOBILE)
  • Your account will be pre-filled with enough Protens to exchange for your Reyu Genesis (NOTE: If you have been earning Protens and are whitelisted, you can only spend whitelist Protens at this time. Earned Protens can only be spent during the public mint.)
  • Purchase your Reyu (remember to have enough ETH in there for gas fees!)
  • Your Reyu will be airdropped to your wallet at some point on January 16 or 17th
  • Whitelist ends January 14th at 5:00 p.m. UTC, if you do not claim your whitelist spot by that time, you lose it
  • You will know the rarity of your Reyu Genesis upon receiving it, but the actual look of your Hero won’t be available until January 17, when the Unioverse Team will be hosting a live global reveal event

Woo-hoo! I’ve got enough Protens, what do I do?

That’s rad. You’re rad for collecting so many Collectibles! Here’s how you get your Reyu:

  • Check your Proten count with our Proten Calculator to make sure you have enough to get your Reyu Genesis
  • Make sure your Ethereum wallet is connected and has at least .003 ETH to cover the gas fees (you’ll need .003 ETH for every Reyu you purchase, so make sure you’ve got enough)
  • The mint will begin on January 15, at 3:00 p.m. UTC. At that time, visit and sign in to your Unioverse account (DESKTOP ONLY. NOT MOBILE)
  • You will be directed to the purchase page, if you have enough Protens, you can click “Purchase” to claim your Reyu Genesis (remember to have enough ETH in your wallet to cover gas fees!)
  • If you have enough Protens, you can get multiple Reyu Genesis NFTs (just remember you have to pay .003 ETH for gas fees for every transaction)
  • Your Reyu will be airdropped to your wallet within 48 hours
  • You will know the rarity of your Reyu Genesis upon receiving it, but the actual look of your Hero won’t be available until January 17, when the Unioverse Team will be hosting a live global reveal event

Why are you staggering the minting and the reveal?

As you’ll see, when you mint your Reyu Genesis, your NFT may not hit your wallet for up to 48 hours. Once you receive it, you’ll know the rarity of your NFT, but the look of your Reyu won’t be fully revealed until January 17.

We’re doing this for a couple of reasons. We want to make sure we keep gas fees low and we don’t want to jam up the system so the whole process works as smoothly as possible. The other is that we want to celebrate the launch of Reyu Genesis with you. We’ll be hosting a live event on January 17, so everyone can join in a global reveal party.

Why are you charging for gas fees?

We are implementing this system to help enhance the security of each transaction and keep overall costs down for everyone participating in the mint.

When will the next Unioverse Hero mint be?

We are just getting warmed up! We’ll be launching many similar minting events and more Hero NFTs (Krishah is on the way!) throughout the year, so follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server for the latest news and info.

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