How to Get Our First Unioverse Character, Reyu

Wyeth Ridgway
November 15, 2022

This is Reyu

Check out our Reyu work-in-progress on OpenSea

Reyu is many things:

  • Bad-ass warrior in the story of Unioverse
  • Gorgeous 3D NFT that you can own
  • AAA-quality game-ready asset you can play in any Unioverse videogame

If you are a part of the Unioverse Community, owning a Reyu Hero NFT is something you’ll definitely want, and if you’re interested in playing Unioverse games, owning a Unioverse Hero NFT like Reyu is something you need.

We will be releasing 20,000 unique Reyu Genesis Hero NFTs on January 15, 2023. There will only ever be 20,000 Reyu Genesis NFTs, and you can get yours for free! All you have to do is earn Unioverse Protens.

In the lore of the Unioverse, Protens are the energy source that powers all of the alien technology. Here in the real world, Protens are what you earn by collecting our free Unioverse Collectible NFTs. The more Unioverse Collectibles you hold, and the longer you hold them, the more Protens you can earn. If you have enough Protens, you can buy your own Reyu (while supply lasts). Check out our Reyu NFT works in progress over on OpenSea.

There will be additional Unioverse Hero mints throughout 2023, here’s what you need to know:

Unioverse Heroes

  • Minted on Ethereum
  • Dozens of visual parameters with millions of combinations
  • Each NFT is visually unique
  • These are next-generation, game-ready heroes
  • You need a Unioverse Hero to access Unioverse games
  • You will be able to access every Unioverse game with your NFT Hero

Reyu Total Collection Size











Reyu Genesis Drop Size
January 15th, 2023











Unioverse Collectible NFTS

Unioverse Collectible NFTs are how you earn Protens. These are free NFTs and there has already been a number of Unioverse Collectible drops thus far, with more to come.

Unioverse Collectibles drops are limited by time and not supply. When a drop occurs, there is a window of time, typically between 1 – 4 hours in which you can claim that NFT. Once that time window closes, that NFT will never be minted again.

Claiming Unioverse Collectible NFTs is free — we even pay the gas fee.

The best way to learn about future Unioverse Collectible drops is to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. If you participate enough in the Unioverse Community, you can earn Legend status in Discord. Unioverse Legends get up to 24 hours’ notice before Collectible drops.

Again, the more Unioverse Collectibles you claim and the longer you hold them the more Protens you earn!

Protens Power the Unioverse

Every day you earn Protens for every Unioverse Collectible you hold in your wallet. You don’t have to take any actions. Just by holding your collectibles you are already earning Protens.

Four Common Unioverse Collectibles can be forged into a higher tier collectible.

In addition to earning Protens, you can combine certain Collectibles to get higher tier Unioverse NFTs. Higher tier Collectible NFTs earn even more Protens per day.

Additional Heroes

The Unioverse is an expansive story that will be filled with awesome heroes, many of which will become Hero NFTs and playable characters in Unioverse games.

You can continue to collect Unioverse Collectibles and earn Protens to mint not only different heroes and different hero styles, but also vehicles, weapons and more.

Protens can also be redeemed to acquire Unioverse comic books, art, novels and more as the Unioverse continues to expand.


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