How To Earn And Spend Protens

Wyeth Ridgway
December 12, 2023

Protens are a valuable energy crystal that powers the Unioverse.

In our game ecosystem, you can earn protens by participating and collecting, and then spend protens to create heroes, weapons, vehicles and more. 

If you are a fan of the Unioverse YOU WANT PROTENS. As many as you can get.

How can I get Protens?

It will never be easier to get Protens than it is right now. 

  • Every new account gets free protens! Go to and collect them by clicking the EARN button.
  • Install and play the Unioverse’s first game, the Proving Grounds. Every completed run gets rewards and the better your score, the more you get! This reward resets weekly, and you can play with each hero you own. If you don’t own a hero, don’t worry, you can buy one or play for free until you do. 
  • For a limited time we are also giving a random Unioverse Collectible to everyone that completes the Proving Ground. Collectibles generate free protens daily, with more generated per day by the higher tier collectibles. If you can’t play, don’t worry! You can pick them up here or follow us on twitter and watch for free giveaways.
  • We are about to launch a new Tournament Mode in the Proving Grounds that will have giant proten jackpots for our user-created levels! Join us on discord to learn more. 
  • Create and share Unioverse video content. We regularly give protens rewards out for great creators that build with us. You can get started with tons of free Unioverse assets.

Where do I spend Protens?

Protens can be spent in the Unioverse marketplace, or inside the Proving Grounds. 

Can Protens be moved between accounts?


Will Protens be an ERC token?


Other questions?

Hop in to our Discord and ask one of our Legends! We have the greatest community of creators anywhere.

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