Founders Corner Recap: Reyu Genesis Launch Date

Chris Albrecht
November 20, 2022

If you weren’t able to make our Founders Corner Twitter Spaces last week, well, there’s no way to sugar coat it. You missed out! We made a ton of announcements, the biggest of which is that our first Unioverse Hero Character NFT, Reyu will be available to mint on January 15, 2023. There will be just 20,000 Reyu Genesis NFTs in this collection.

To get your own Reyu Genesis, you’ll need to earn Protens. To earn Protens, you need to collect and hold as many Unioverse Collectibles as you can. We did a whole blog post explaining how it all works.

For more details direct from the Unioverse Co-Founders, Tony and Wyeth, listen to this recording of the most recent Founders Corner!

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