Download the Unioverse Viewer to See the Future of Games

Chris Albrecht
December 1, 2022

It’s one thing for us to tell you that Unioverse Heroes are gorgeous, world-class, game-ready NFTs.

But it’s another thing entirely to show you.

Today we are proud to announce the availability of our Unioverse Viewer. With this Viewer, you can browse thousands of unique next-generation NFTs — fully-rendered 3D Unioverse Heroes across all rarities. The Viewer even has manual controls so you can spin, tilt, pan and zoom in to see every little detail that we put into making AAA-quality NFTs. Put a melee or ranged weapon in their hand to see what they’ll look like as they charge into battle.

That’s right. You can preview how they’ll look in action because our Hero NFTs are how players will look in Unioverse games. These aren’t just pretty pictures. Unioverse Hero NFTs have utility. Owning a Unioverse Hero NFT grants you access to all Unioverse games. I’ll say it again just to be clear: All Unioverse games. (Check out our Unioverse Developer Logs to see these characters jump, climb, wall run and more in early game test environments)

The first Hero we’re launching is Reyu, a bad-ass Ja’Din Hunter known and feared throughout the Unioverse. With our Viewer, you can preview thousands of unique Reyus right now. Purple Reyus. Shiny Reyus. Masked Reyus. Each one different. All are awesome. To get the Viewer you’ll need to be on a PC (view full specs here). But once you download it, you’ll be able to sift through and enjoy looking at as many Reyus as you like. And as we announce and add more Hero NFTs, you’ll be able to see those as well.

We’re minting our first set of Reyus on January 15, 2023. You’ll need Protens to get a Reyu. To earn enough Protens, you need to be collecting Unioverse Collectible NFTs. It’s all very simple (and free!). Check out our full Collectible/Proten explainer for all the details.

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