Create Your Own Reyu Animations with Official Maya and Unity Assets

Chris Albrecht
March 30, 2023

We are continually blown away by the fan art the Unioverse Community comes up with. You all are amazing!

One thing that really caught our eye a few months ago was the work of Kevin Fine, a fan who produced cinematic visualizations of Chapter 2 of Malcolm Orion’s backstory and a version of what’s inside the Progenitor ship that crashed on Mars. These are both excellent and were created with what were at the time very few Unioverse resources.  

So we’re excited to see how Kevin – and anyone in the Unioverse Community – can level up their fan-made creations with the Maya and Unity Reyu resource packs we just added to the Unioverse Community Assets library

  • The Reyu Maya package (links to download) gives you a rigged, skinned, and textured Reyu model file, ready for animating or posing in Maya. 
  • The Reyu Unity package (links to download) also gives you a rigged, skinned and textured Reyu model that you can plop into Unity to make an animation.

These assets are the same ones our team of artists and developers use here at Unioverse HQ. Having these professionally made, AAA-quality Reyu assets will make creating your own Unioverse works so much easier, and give your production that polish other fans love! 

Like all Unioverse assets, the Maya and Unity packs are free to download, and you can create whatever you like (though your creation must adhere to our Community Content License, so no videogames, no NFTs and no hateful stuff. Read the full license for more detail). You can even sell your creation and keep all the money! That’s the whole point of the Unioverse being a “community-owned franchise.”

These Maya and Unity packs are just the latest in a continually growing library of tools and resources we are making available to fans. You can download concept art, Reyu beauty shots, backgrounds and more. Bookmark that page and keep checking back as we’ll add a ton of new stuff there over the coming months. 

Then you should definitely join our Discord to connect with other Unioverse fans to swap tips and tricks or maybe even collaborate on a project. 

The Unioverse is yours to play with. Go make something that will blow us away. 

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