Help Expand the Unioverse

Earn Status

Over on our Discord channel, we’ll provide plenty of ways to get involved. We could ask you to name a planet, or write a character backstory or sketch a spaceship. If your submission is picked? Boom! It becomes part of the Unioverse canon – congratulations! Your contribution to the Unioverse world will live on for the world to see (and you might even earn a digital prize or two).

But the only way to make your mark early on is by getting on Discord, so go join the Unioverse server now!

Join us on Discord Join the conversation with the designers, developers, and storytellers.

Make Cool Stuff

The Unioverse team is hard at work developing high-end art, music, character models and more to fill out our world and games. As those assets are created, we will release them to the Unioverse community, free of charge. What you do with them is up to you! Use our artwork in your own Unioverse comic. Print one of our characters on a T-shirt. Drop a beat and remix our music. Be creative!

Submit your email and we’ll send out a note letting you know when assets are available