Something big is coming

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Unique Heroes

Our Heroes are full 3D, AAA-quality characters that give you access to all Unioverse games.

Ready to Play

Own a Unioverse Hero and play through our
Proving Grounds alpha gameplay, available now!


Rare Heroes

The Unioverse features the rarest skins
in all of videogames.


Enrich your experience with custom swords,
custom speeder bikes, unique heroes,
comics and more.

Discover a New World

The Unioverse is built by storytellers from franchises like Star Wars and Grand Theft Auto.

Meet the Team

From the of

Tony Harman

Tony is an icon in the videogames industry who brought Donkey Kong Country to the U.S. and led studios behind hits like Grand Theft Auto, Crackdown and All Points Bulletin.

Dave Jones

David is a videogames pioneer best known for his work on genre-defining titles such as Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto, and Fortnite.

Wyeth Ridgway

Wyeth has a remarkable track record of translating entertainment franchises into hit games, having worked on titles for Star Trek, South Park and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Brent Friedman

Brent is a master storyteller who has expanded the narrative worlds of renowned properties like Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Batman and Call of Duty.