Shrapnel vs Unioverse

Shrapnel Operator holders are being airdropped a Reyu Clone so they can be ready to play the Unioverse Proving Grounds!

Then it’s the Shrapnel community versus Unioverse holders for top ranks on the leaderboard in a one-week tournament for fame and glory!

The tournament starts May 21st at midnight UTC and ends May 28th at midnight UTC. PC only.

See Prizes Below


  • First place receives a Legendary Reyu (1 of 260) and a Shrapnel Operator
  • Places 2 – 5 get a Shrapnel Operator and an Epic Reyu
  • Places 6 – 10 receive a Shrapnel Sigma Containment Unit and a Rare Reyu
  • Top 50 players receive a Krishah Hero (will mint in ~30 days)
  • Top 50 players receive a Proten-generating commemorative badge that reflects the winning team